• Keynote speakers will be invited to give 45 minute overviews with a particular focus on their own research.
  • Program talks of 15-20 minutes will be selected by the Session organizers from submitted abstracts.

JUNE 25, 2017

     Arrival and Registration

JUNE  26, 2017

      genes AND genomes

Session organizers: Julie Scholes, University of Sheffield
                                      Jim Westwood, Virginia Tech University

      ecology, phylogeny, and evolution

Session organizers: Claude DePamphilis, Penn State University
                                      Ai-Rong Li, Kunming Institute of Botany

JUNE 27, 2017

     Host parasite interactions

Session organizers: Maurizio Vurro, Italian National Research Council
                                      Philippe Delavault, University of Nantes
                                      Pradeepa Gunathilake, University of Peradeniya

     host resistance

Session organizers: Michael Timko, University of Virginia
                                      Steven Runo, Kenyatta University

JUNE 28, 2017

     Physiology of parasitism

Session organizers: Philippe Simier, University of Nantes
                                      Duncan Cameron, University of Sheffield                                 

     afternoon field trip

JUNE 29, 2017

      Molecules AND Biochemistry

Session organizers: Harro Bouwmeester, University of Amsterdam
                                      Hinanit Koltai, ARO Vocani Center

      control and management

Session organizers: Yaakov Goldwasser, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
                                      Jonne Rodenburg, Africa Rice Center, CGIAR

JUNE 30, 2017